Wiser Health Opti+ Lab Bundles

Our bundles all offer our comprehensive Opti+ Lab Panel. The lab panel includes:

Comprehensive metabolic panel (tests organ function, minerals, etc.), Full cholesterol panel, Complete blood count with differential (red and white blood cells, hemoglobin, hematocrit, etc.), Magnesium, Iron panel (iron, TIBC, % saturation, ferritin), Full thyroid panel (TSH, free T4 and T3), Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, High sensitivity C-reactive protein (for cardiovascular inflammation), Homocysteine (inflammatory marker), Lactase dehydrogenase (enzyme that helps the body produce energy), Blood sugar markers (glucose, HbA1c, insulin), Urinalysis

  • Nest
  • Opti + Lab Panel
  • 30 minute Follow Up
  • Personalized Recommendations based on your lab results
  • Free, no obligation, Fullscript account for ordering supplements delivered to your door
  • ———————————-
  • $315
  • Flight Annual
  • Everything in Nest, plus…
  • 4 additional 30 minute follow-up consults to be done throughout the year
  • Additional FULL Opt+ panel to check progress by the end of the year
  • A 15% discount off of supplements ordered through Fullscript during 2023
  • 10% any additional labs throughout 2023
  • $997
  • Flight
  • Everything in Nest, plus…
  • Additional 30 minute consultation within 6 months
  • One retest of up to (5) items from the Opti+ panel within the first 6 months
  • A 10% discount off of supplements ordered through Fullscript during 2023
  • ————————————
  • $540

Yes, of course! If the person isn’t currently a patient at Wiser Health, we would simply need to set them up in our patient portal and have them answer the symptom questionnaire prior to their consult. If they decide they want to dig a little deeper into their health, they will receive a $100 discount off of the new patient consult fee.

You must be able to access either Quest Diagnostics (TX, NM, LA only) or LabCorp (all other states).

Yes, we ask that you fast for 12 hours prior. In addition, we recommend not taking vitamins or nutritional supplements for 24 hours prior.